Local names of shifting cultivation around the world

Shifting cultivation is an agricultural system in which a person uses a piece of land, only to abandon or alter the initial use a short time later.

This system often involves clearing of a piece of land followed by several years of wood harvesting or farming until the soil loses fertility.

Name Region
Ray Vietnam
Tavi Madagascar
Masole Congo (Zaire river Valley)
Fang Equatorial African Countries
Logan Western Africa
Comile Mexico
Milpa Yucatan and Guatemala
Echalin Guadeloupe
Milya Mexico and Central America
Konuko Venezuela
Roka Brazil
Chetemini Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe
Caingin Philippines
Taungya Myanmar
Chena Sri Lanka
Ladang Java and Indonesia
Tamrai Thailand
Humah Java and Indonesia
Jhum North-eastern India
Vevar and Dahiyaar Bundelkhand Region (Madhya Pradesh)
Deepa Bastar District (Madhya Pradesh)
Zara and Erka Southern States
Batra South-eastern Rajasthan
Podu Andhra Pradesh
Kumari Hilly Region of the Western Ghats of Kerala
Kaman, Vinga and Dhavi Odisha

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