Most prominent Mountain Ranges in the World

A mountain range or hill range is a series of mountains or hills ranged in a line and connected by high ground.

The mid-ocean ridge is the longest mountain range on Earth.

The largest mountain range in the world (above sea level) is the Andes, consisting of several subranges.

Young fold mountains have high peak because they are newly formed and old fold mountains have low peak because they have been eroded by the soil erosion .

The Southern Alps is a mountain range extending along much of the length of New Zealand's South Island.

The White Mountains are a mountain range covering about a quarter of the state of New Hampshire and a small portion of western Maine in the United States.

Here's a list of most prominent Mountain Ranges of the world:

Mountain Range Important Peaks Location Description
Rocky Mountains Mt. Elbert (highest peak) North America Extends
from Canada to Western US (New Mexico State)
Appalachian Mountains Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina,
US (highest peak)
North America Old folded mountain, Black Mountain is part of this range.
Alps Mont Blanc (French -Italian border) Europe It is a folded mountain and source for rivers like Danube, Rhine, etc.
Sierra Nevada Mt. Whitney California, USA Habitat for many Red Indian tribes
Alaska Range Mt. McKinley (Denali) North America Mt. McKinley is highest peak in North America
Altai Mountains Belukha mountain Central Asia Young folded mountain which extends from Kazakhstan to northern China.
Andes Mountains Mt. Aconcagua South America Longest mountain chain in the world.
Atlas Mountains Mt. Toubkal Northwestern Africa Young fold mountain spreading over Morocco and Tunisia.
Drakensberg Mountains Mt. Lesotho South Africa Young folded mountain
Caucasus Mountain Mt. Elbrus Europe Located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea
Black Forest - Germany Located along the "Rhine" river.
Ural Mountains Mt. Narodnaya Russia This mountain range act as a boundary between Europe and Asia.
Hindukush Mountains Mt. Trich Mir Pakistan and Afghanistan Folded mountain with rugged topography which makes it difficult for
Himalayas Mt. Everest Asia Young fold mountains in Asia which separates Indian sub-continent from
Asian plains
Arakan Yoma Mt. Kennedy peak Myanmar Arakan yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located in Myanmar.
Kunlun Mountains Mt. Muztag North of Tibetan plateau and western China It is one of the young folded mountains.
Vosges Mt. Grand Ballon Eastern France, Europe Block Mountains, famous for the cultivation of grapes and manufacture of wines.
Great Dividing Range Mt. Kosciuszko Australia This range is the source for the rivers Darling and Murray.
Runs roughly parallel to the east coast of Australia
Allegheny Mountains Part of "Appalachian Mountain Range" USA -
Cantabrian Mountains - Spain -
Mackenzie Mountains - Canada -
Mount Titlis - Switzerland -
Darling Ranges Mount Kosciuszko Australia South-Western Australia
Apennine Mountains - Italy -
Pyrenees Mountains - Europe Between Spain and France

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