Major Local Winds around the World

Local winds result from air moving between small low and high pressure systems.

They are more localized in their extent and covers limited horizontal and vertical dimensions.

However, some of the local winds can have very large dimensions like, Northers of North America, which originate in Arctic Canada and reach as south as the Gulf of Mexico.

The local wind is known with different names in different regions across the world.

The table below mentions the list of names of local winds:

Name Place
Chinook (Snow eaters) The Rockies (North America)
Foehn The Alps (Europe)
Khamsin Egypt
Siroco Sahara to the Mediterranean Sea
Solano Sahara to the Iberian Peninsula
Harmattan (Guinea Doctor) West Africa
Bora Adriatic Sea - Hungary to North Italy
Mistral The Alps and France
Punas The western side of Andes Mountain (South America)
Blizzard Tundra region
Purga Russia
Tramontane Alps to the Mediterranean, similar to Mistral
Simoom Sahara, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Arabia
Sirocco Africa to southern Europe
Blood Rain Italy
Levanter Spain
Leveche Spain
Brickfielder Australia
Black roller North America
Shamal Iraq and the Persian Gulf
Norwester New Zealand
Santa Ana South California
Karaburun (black storm) Central Asia
Calima Saharan Air Layer across the Canary Islands
Elephanta Malabar coast
Haboob Sudan
Gregale Greece
Khazri Caspian Sea
Sukhovey Kazakhstan, Caspian Sea
Barguzin Lake Baikal, Russia
Karakaze Japan
Sarma Lake Baikal
Berg South Africa
Alisio Carribean
Pampero Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia
Amihan Philippines
Ghibli Libya
Southerly Buster Sydney
Alize Central Africa and the Caribbean
Abrolhos Brazil
Bise Switzerland
Zonda wind Argentina
Habagat Philippines
Kalbaishakhi India and Bangladesh
Kali Andhi (Andhi) Indo-Gangetic Plain
Loo India, Pakistan
Mango showers Karnataka, Kerela, Tamil Nadu
Minuano Brazil
Caju Brazil

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