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Major Straits of the world (With related Map)

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A strait is a thin channel of a waterway that connects two large water bodies. Here is a list of Major Straits of the world:

Malacca Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Malay Peninsula and Indonesian island of Sumatra
Joining Water Bodies: Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean

Palk Strait

Contiguous Landmass: India and Sri Lanka
Joining Water Bodies: Bay of Bengal (northeast) and Arabian Sea (southwest)

Sunda Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Java island of Indonesia and Sumatra island of Indonesia
Joining Water Bodies: Java Sea and Indian Ocean

Yucatan Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Mexico and Cuba
Joining Water Bodies: Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea

Florida Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Cuba and Florida (USA)
Joining Water Bodies: Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean

Bering Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Russia (Asia) and USA (America)
Joining Water Bodies: Arctic Ocean and East Pacific ocean

Mozambique Channel

Contiguous Landmass: Mozambique and Madagascar
Joining Water Bodies: Indian Ocean and Indian Ocean

Hormuz Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Iran and Oman
Joining Water Bodies: Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf


Contiguous Landmass: Djibouti, Yemen and Eritrea of the Somali Peninsula
Joining Water Bodies: Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

Strait of Gibraltar

Contiguous Landmass: Spain and Spain
Joining Water Bodies: Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea

Bosphorus Strait (Strait of Istanbul)

Contiguous Landmass: Europe and Asia
Joining Water Bodies: Black Sea and Sea of Marmara

Jamaica Channel

Contiguous Landmass: Jamaica and Hispaniola
Joining Water Bodies: Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic

Bass Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Tasmania island and Mainland Australia
Joining Water Bodies: Great Australian Bight and Tasman Sea

Korea Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Japan and South Korea
Joining Water Bodies: East China Sea and Sea of Japan

Ten Degree Channel

Contiguous Landmass: Car Nicobar Islands and Little Andaman
Joining Water Bodies: Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal

North Channel

Contiguous Landmass: Ireland and Scotland
Joining Water Bodies: Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean

Otranto Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Italy and Albania
Joining Water Bodies: Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea

Formosa Strait

Contiguous Landmass: China and Taiwan
Joining Water Bodies: South China Sea and East China Sea

Cook Strait

Contiguous Landmass: North and South Islands of New Zealand
Joining Water Bodies: Tasman Sea and South Pacific Ocean

Strait of Tartary

Contiguous Landmass: East Russia and Sakhalin Islands of Russia
Joining Water Bodies: Sea of Okhotsk and Sea of Japan

Bonifacio Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Corsica (France) and Sardinia (Italy)
Joining Water Bodies: Tyrrhenian Sea and Mediterranean Sea

Mesina Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Italy and Sicily
Joining Water Bodies: Tyrrhenian Sea and Ionian Sea

Davis Strait

Contiguous Landmass: Greenland and Canada
Joining Water Bodies: Baffin Bay and Labrador Sea

Hudson strait

Contiguous Landmass: Canada
Joining Water Bodies: Gulf of Hudson and Atlantic Ocean

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