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Major Revolt and Uprisings under British Rule

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After the battle of Plassey in 1757, the political control of the East India Company increased and by the end of the eighteenth century, the British emerged as the main power in India.

As the Company gained in political sphere it became imperative to introduce and implement policies in the fields of land revenue, law and order, and set-up an administration.

These changes led to dislocation in the socio-cultural, economic and political life of the people.

The subsequent turmoil led to outbreak of rebellion in different parts of the country.

Rebellions were not confined to the later period of the British Empire but were a constant feature of it from its very beginning, culminated in to the revolt of 1857.

Revolt Period Area Leader
Sannyasi Revolt 1736-1800 Bihar & Bengal Kenna Sarkar
Fakir Revolt 1776-1777 Bengal Majnu Shah
Chuar Rebellion 1776-1816 Bengal Durjan Singh
Ramosi Revolt 1822-1829 Satara, Maharashtra
Chittur Singh
Pagal Panthi Revolt 1825-1827 Assam Tipu Shah
Kol Revolt 1831-1831 Chhota Nagpur Buddhu Bhagat
Santhal Rebellion 1855-1856 Jharkhand Murmu Brothers
Sidhu, Kanhu,
Chand and Bhairav.
Indigo Rebellion 1959-1960 Bihar & Bengal Digambar Biswas
Bishnu Biswas
Pabna Uprisings 1873-1876 Pabna, Bengal Ishan Chandra Roy
Munda Rebellion 1893-1900 Jharkhand Birsa Munda
Tana Bhagat Movement 1914-1915 Chhota Nagpur Jatra Bhagat
Turia Bhagat
Moplah riots 1920-1922 Malabar Ali Musliyar
Tebhaga movement 1946-1947 Bengal Kamparam
Bhavan Singh

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